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How to Join
Anyone with an interest in kite flying, be it trick, power or traction, is welcome to come along, have a chat, watch what we get up to, and get some friendly advice on how to proceed. Here’s everything you need to know to have a go and join the SKF (Our membership fee is £5 and is included as part of your BKSA insurance).

Getting Started
Our meetings and events are the best ways to get chatting about kites and ask questions so come along and meet us! The places we fly can be found in the Flying Sites section and we fly at Lodge Moor every Thursday during British Summer Time and have fortnightly socials during the winter months. We offer friendly advice as long as you are insured (see below), and recommend that children are at least 6 years old before they have a go at kiting. Before attempting Power Kiting you should be free of any injuries, wear a helmet (a cycle helmet will do), and wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty (especially in winter) with strong shoes. Anyone is more than welcome to come up and chat to us at anytime to see what we get up to, see how it’s done, and ask questions.

Important Info
Anyone attending one of our sessions is responsible for their own safety and attends entirely at their own risk. Please read our safety guidelines. Under-16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. NEVER launch another persons kite without first asking the permission of the owner!

Membership of the SKF costs £5 annually and is included in 3rd party liability insurance, which is less than £50 a year, and is mandatory BEFORE you try Power Kiting. Insurance is also required if you wish to fly with us on any of our trips or socials. All SKF members must have British Kitesports Association membership (please choose Sheffield Kite Fliers as the club when you join) which includes insurance that covers you for static flying, landboarding, buggying, and surfing. Certain festivals, inland sites, and beaches we use require this insurance as a prerequisite for doing kite traction activities. For trick/stunt kite fliers our members use the Midland Kite Fliers for their insurance. If you don’t have insurance you are more than welcome to come up and chat to us to see what we get up to, see how it’s done, and ask questions.

Your Own Kites
To try Power Kiting you are welcome to use our Ozone club kites (if insured and please check availability) or use your own equipment. For advice on which kites to buy click here or talk to us on our Forum or Facebook page. If you buy a new kite (or a badly set up second hand one) one of the most common mistakes we see is with the colours of the lines, handles, bars, kite killers, etc. If they are colour coded red and blue, like most are these days, then RED IS LEFT and BLUE IS RIGHT.

Our FAQ:
Check out our frequently asked questions for more info.