How do I join the Sheffield Kite Fliers?
Please see our Join Us page.

Do I need to be fit to fly kites?
No, not really, but to fly power & traction kites you need to be in generally good health and be able to take knocks and falls. Stunt or trick kite flying is less demand on you physically. And of course if you fly frequently you will find yourself getting fitter!

Is all this expensive?
Yes and no – you can start out (relatively) cheaply – £50 will get you a good stunt kite, £100 a very good stunt kite, £150 a good smallish traction kite, £200 a good kite buggy, £150 a good land board, and so on. If you become hooked on kites then there will always be the “next kite/buggy/board”!

Is it dangerous?
As with all sports there is a risk of personal injury as kiting can be a physically demanding sport. However these risks can be managed with proper training whilst new to the sport. Know your own abilities, know your equipment, respect other people, respect the weather conditions and the risks will be minimized. Stunt kites are very safe for the flyer, with only a risk of hitting a bystander, whereas large traction kites have a greater risk to the flyer and the bystanders. See our Safety section for more information.

What’s the best kite?
Depends on what you like doing, how much you can afford, what the wind conditions are, etc. There is no such thing as ‘best kite’. You have to try various different ones out and see which one suits you (and your bank account). For advice on which kites to buy click here.

Where can I buy a kite and other kite gear from?
We recommend ATBShop  – www.atbshop.co.uk
There is also PowerKiteShop – www.powerkiteshop.com

Where can I buy SKF gear from?
Please see our SKF Merchandise page.

I only have a really cheap kite. Will you laugh at me?
No. Come along and join us – we are a good group of people who like all forms of kite sports. Kite flying is fun, and if you are having fun with your cheap kite that is all that matters.

I really don’t know anything about kites, can you help?
Yes, again come along to one of our flying sessions or events. There will always be someone to help you out.

Am I too old or young to be taught kiting?
We recommend that kids are at least six years old, with their parents or guardians close by, and we have known fully grown adults over seventy enjoy themselves in a kite buggy.

Will I need insurance?
You will need insurance to fly with the SKF at any time and to take part in any SKF event or Thursday night flying session. Insurance for power and traction kiting is available for less than £50 annually from the British Kitesports Association – please choose Sheffield Kite Fliers as the club when you join. If you are a stunt kite flier then you can get insurance from the Midland Kite Fliers.

Will you perform at my event/festival/school/college?
We get lots of requests to fly at events and as much as we would like to we can’t go to every one. If we do attend we can do assembly talks, kite displays, information stalls, and kite making workshops, all of which we don’t charge for but donations are always welcome to cover our expenses. To have more of a chance of us attending you should:

  • Book early to avoid disappointment as we only attend a few events each year
  • Have your event on a weekend as we all have full time jobs
  • Set aside an area roughly the size of two football pitches which isn’t in a valley, surrounded by buildings, or surrounded by trees if you want us to demonstrate static kite flying
  • Set aside an area at least twice that size if you want us to demonstrate kite buggying and kite landboarding
  • Not be within 5km of an aerodrome

How do I contact you?
Either come and see us at one of our regular flying sessions or Contact Us.