Lodge Moor/Splodge - Home of SKF
IMPORTANT: Helmets, kite killers / leashes & insurance are strongly recommended for all sessions.
Static, Buggy, Landboard, Snow, Trick
Address: 569 Redmires Road, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10 4LJ
Best Wind(s): Northerly or Southerly are best but all directions flyable, however the winds can be very turbulent and unpredictable in any wind that has W in it.
Tides: N/A

Rules: The first kite flier to arrive should assess the site and choose the best flying area. They should then set up OUT OF and UPWIND of this area! The aim is to leave the main flying area clear of obstructions. The above set up is particularly important at the Lodge Moor site.
Parking: Pub car park ONLY if you are going into the pub as well otherwise please use the public car park immediately to the west of the pub.
Facilities: The Sportsman Pub!! Please note that they do not take any type of debit/credit cards.
Additional info/tips:
Please watch out for walkers, footballers and dogs! Also after heavy reain Lodge becomes Splodge, waterproof trousers can be useful!
The Sheffield Society of Aeromodellers (SSA) have a licence for use of a large proportion of the bottom left of the field (when looking at the adjacent picture) which means they have sole use of that area for the purposes of takeoff and landing of their planes.
Bus: Catch the 51 from Sheffield (Pinstone Street - Town Hall) which takes 24 minutes to get to the Lodge Moor terminus. Then walk a short distance up the road, away from Sheffield, to the Sportsman Pub.