SKF T-Shirts & Hoodies:

Easy Clothing Crew Ltd are the suppliers of all our SKF t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, coats etc. The rough cost of a printed t-shirt is £10 and a hoodie £19. T-shirts are sent out 1st class post at £2.50 P+P and all hoodies are sent next day signed for courier at £4.50, or you can pickup from Carlton, Barnsley. They also offer an embroidery service if that's what you prefer. To order please contact the Easy Clothing Crew team directly via the contact details on their website.

Easy Clothing Crew (Facebook)

The front of a t-shirt can have either the 'square' or 'superman' logos (shown at the top of this page - large in centre or small on breast) and the back of a t-shirt must contain our standard back which includes our web address and sponsorship message. The colour of the t-shirt and the print is up to you and there are no restrictions on hoodies or other printed items. For ideas of hoodie colour combinations check out this brochure.

SKF Micro Banner - £55:
£40 without pole and stake.


1.8m tall (photo shows 6m tall banner)
30cm wide
Includes 3m pole and stake


Kite Flier Models from†

Each high quality figurine is approximately 6cm high with piano wire flying lines connected to a hand painted ceramic kite. The total height is 30cm and each is one is unique as they are all fully hand made.

They cost £20 each + P&P. Please mention the Sheffield Kite Fliers when ordering as David has been kind enough to offer the SKF a sales commission to help our club funds.